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A showcase for popular songwriting talent across a broad range of genres.

Whether you are a manager, producer or artist searching for material, or in A&R and handling the traditional role of matching repertoire to artist, this site (and this organisation) is for you.

Hilltop Publishing represents all the talent showcased here and can provide a hard copy of any song which interests you.  This site showcases a small but representative sample of the work we publish, so please ask if you have something specific in mind. We may already have something of interest, but if not, several of our writers write to order, in a whole variety of styles.

The arrangements here are samples only: many more interpretations are often possible.

A few of our songwriters are also performers in their own right, and are interested in promoting themselves as artists in addition to supplying material for others.  Where this is the case, it is clearly stated.

We believe that a site like this can only be effective if it is easy to navigate, so we do not showcase too much material at any one time.  However,we  refresh the content regularly. We hope you find something to whet your appetite.

All material can be accessed (and played) either by writer, by genre or via the catalogue section which lists all material on the site. The PLAY buttons give you a quick 40-second preview of each song.  Use the DOWNLOAD button to get the whole thing.

We are very happy to hear your comments about our site, including constructive criticism and/or information on any elements that do not appear to be functioning correctly

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