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Catherine Croydon

Catherine Croydon Greatest HitsWhatever your taste in music, it is unlikely you will be interested in all of these tracks. Catherine's strength was that she could write in any genre and refused to be categorised.

The first track, "I Sing Of A Mayden', won the ACapella prize at the Toronto Carol Festival in 1997.

The last track but one, "Music Is My Passion," which she was working on just before her death, is a funky house tune at the other end of the musical spectrum.  Hopefully you will find something between these two extremes to amuse you.

Catherine Croydon Greatest Hits
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01 I Sing Of A Mayden


Sing of a Mayden 

02 Petrarch: Rime Sparse – Sonnet 1


 Petrarch: Rime Spars 

03 Open Your Heart

Classical cross-over

Open Your Heart 

04 Hotel Room

Love songs

Hotel Room 

05 Love Makes The World Go Round

Love songs

Love Makes The World Go Round 

06 This Is Love

Love songs

This Is Love 

07 All I Want


All I Want 

08 Baby, Say


Baby, Say 

09 Devotion



10 Make it With Me


Make it With Me 

11 Telephoned Japanese Proverb

Incidental music

Telephoned Japanese Proverb 

12 Libidan



13 Music is My Passion


Music is My Passion 

14 Le Soleil (dance version)


Le Soleil (dance version) 

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