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About Us

BrillSongs.com is the property of Hilltop Publishing Ltd.

Over the last ten years, we have seen so much talent fighting to make itself heard in the music world, that we decided to do something about it and provide an outlet for gifted songwriters to gain an audience.

Hilltop combines a critical appreciation of music with the marketing and promotional skills to place its material in the right hands.

It is our intention to publish only a chosen few talented songwriters who, we believe, really deserve to make the breakthrough and gain the industry recognition and rewards they deserve. Our belief is that if the material is strong enough, it will find an outlet, providing it is brought to the attention of the right people.

The BrillSongs.com site is only a general showcase of some of our writers’ material.  Our preferred method of operation is to earmark specific songs for specific artists and to approach those artists, their managers, producers and A&R management to try to place the song.

We do not concentrate on any particular genre. Our writers offer a broad cross-section of styles, and several of them can write to order in almost any style. Give us a commission, without obligation,  and let our work speak for itself.

Please sample the work presented.   If you would like a hard copy of a particular song or would like to discuss a project, e-mail us via the Contact Us page, or call Catherine or Luke on (0)1844 238692.

Please note that each song listed on the writers’ pages carries an indication of whether it is suitable for a male or female vocalist.  If this is not mentioned, gender is irrelevant.

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